Pierce’s ranch-raised AKC Pembroke Corgis

Pierce’s ranch-raised AKC Pembroke Corgis


It all started when…

Trinity Ranch Patriot, better known as "Chas", was Pierce's 3rd birthday present. He has become an inseparable member of our family. Wherever Pierce went, Chas was not far behind. Trinity Ranch Leona "Lainey" joined us not long after, followed by “Minnie” and now “Atticus”.

Pembroke Corgis are among the smallest herding breeds. The breed is ranked 11th for obedience and working intelligence.

Our experience living with corgis is that they are eager, affectionate, trainable, wonderful with children, and make excellent companions. They have no problem going back and forth from quiet days inside to busy, raucous ranch life.

Pierce raises a litter of puppies each year in our home. We are expecting our next litter in Fall 2019! Ninety percent of the proceeds from Pierce’s puppy sales go to his college fund.

As long time Quarter Horse breeders, dedicated to producing horses with good conformation, trainability, genetics, and temperament- why not apply the same philosophy to responsibly raising puppies. Our dogs are genetic tested. We offer a 2 year health guarantee. If at any point in time an owner of a Trinity Ranch puppy needs to surrender, we will take the dog immediately, no questions asked.

For 2019, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration with vet tech Colleen Wuesthoff, who will be helping guide our program. Look for changes to our site soon to include articles, breeder resources, more information about health, etc.