If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.
— Zig Ziglar

Helpful tips for riders & auditors attending

  • Riders are strongly encouraged to audit the other class. Content and discussion will be a supplement to your learning with your own horse.

  • Notable progress over the course of three days is the defining characteristic of a good clinic. Auditors are encouraged to attend all three days. You would not judge a movie based on the trailer alone; neither should you evaluate a clinic from a limited exposure.

  • Out of respect for the privacy of our participants and to ensure the free and open discussion of ideas, those in attendance may not record (video or audio) class lectures, discussion and/or activities without the advance written permission from both John and Cat Parks. Any such recording properly approved in advance can be used solely for the student’s own private use. Auditors are welcome to take notes.

  • Plan ahead for the weather. Fluctuating temperates, wind, sun, and dust exposure are possible. Bring what you need to be comfortable. Many of our clinics are held in covered arenas.

  • Bring water buckets, hay, and grain for your horse. Check with your sponsor to see if there is hay on site available for purchase.

  • Some host facilities require that shavings be purchased on site. Others require you to strip your stall before you leave. As guests, we honor whatever guidelines facilities have set.

  • Clinic fees may vary in different locations due to different travel costs and arena rental fees.

  • Coggins, Health papers, Hauling certificates depend on state and facility regulations. Your sponsor will have more information.

  • Auditors, bring a comfortable chair.

  • When sponsors have gone to the effort to arrange to provide Concessions, your support is appreciated!