Making the world a better place starts in our own hearts and homes. The Trinity Ranch is dedicated to improving our communities.  It comes as no surprise that John and Cat have a strong history of demonstrated commitment to education, agriculture, breeder responsibility, conservation & good stewardship, and programs which engage youth. We challenge others to get involved to help make the future a brighter place. Pay kindness forward.



Our children are our future. We love and appreciate our teachers! In the past, the Parks' family has supported Hico Education Foundation, Friends of Hamilton ISD, the Hamilton Public Library, and individual teachers. Cat has also volunteered by reading to first graders and helping with reading testing several times a week.

Santa Fe County Horse Coalition

 In 2013, John and Cat founded of the Santa Fe County Horse Coalition (SFCHC).  The SFCHC is a grass roots organization that has grown to 1,000+ members that does education and outreach to protect individual and commercial horse owners, property rights, livestock water rights, trails, culture, and Santa Fe's equestrian way of life. During Cat's Presidency (2014-2016), the SFCHC was recognized for their exceptional equine advocacy by the American Horse Council, the New Mexico Horse Council and the Back Country Horsemen of New Mexico.

Breeder responsibility

John and Cat are life members of the American Quarter Horse Association. In 2014, Cat wrote a rule change proposal that was accepted at the AQHA convention designed to support mare owners who cross genetically strong mares (negative 5 panel) with genetically strong stallions (negative 5 panel) by recording the test results of resulting offspring at no additional cost to the breeder. We believe that providing owners with education about recessive and dominant genetic diseases is both a breeder and seller responsibility. In 2019, we welcomed Vet Tech Colleen Wuesthoff to our team for to make health and genetics recommendations for Pierce’s ranch-raised corgis. Our goal is to live by the same level of breeding responsibility within our corgi program, that we have had for years in our boutique horse breeding operation.