I get a lot of pleasure walking out to my retired horses and petting them and saying, ‘You’ve been good to me, you paid the bills, you supported me, you traveled with me all over the country and the world, you’ve always been there, and you’ve made my life a joy.’
There must be some horses you never sell.”
— Sheila Varian

guidelines for Breeding

Lucy, a 3 year old American Quarter Horse mare bred and raised by The Trinity Ranch

Lucy, a 3 year old American Quarter Horse mare bred and raised by The Trinity Ranch

1.  Quality over quantity.  We breed only a handful of mares each year; there must be a clear goal for the foal.

2.  Remember, without soundness and good health, you have nothing.

3.  Fewer than 1% of riders are professionals.  Breed for temperament/trainability so that your foal can lead a happy and successful life in a non-pro world.

4.  Do not breed a mare if you would not be happy to have her clone standing in your pasture.  

5.  When selecting a stallion, it would be a mistake to sacrifice conformation, temperament, or sound genetics for pedigree or performance record alone.

6.  Good nutrition starts in utero.  Nutrition and quality mare care are non-negotiable.

7.  An ethical breeder is obligated not only to test for and to understand recessive and dominant genetic diseases, but to educate, answer questions, and make that information available to the public as well.  Read about AQHA's 5-panel genetic tests here.

8.  Breed for your ideal horse.  Do not be swayed by the voices of others. If you have done your homework, in time others will appreciate what you have accomplished.*

* Credited to the late Sheila Varian, a breeding icon.

Breeder Responsibility

Horses bred and sold by The Trinity Ranch are enrolled in the AQHA Full Circle Program.  The Full Circle program was designed to provide caring owners with the option to provide for the long-term care of horses they have bred or owned over the years.  Should one of our horses ever become unwanted or need retired, the current owner can contact us for help. We take our responsibility as breeders seriously.